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We're the original and we're still around.   Give us a call today.  We can help you with your application!  MDI WristWatch Systems, Inc. is the industry leader in:

Robotic Tooling Protection Systems (WristWatch)
Robotic Tooling Alignment Systems (SideKick)
Robotic Rapid Tool Change-Over Systems (ExactChange)




Standard Series robotic tooling protection systems feature six-point v-roller design which improves omni-directional freedom of movement and substantially increases load carrying capacities


FINALLY, an unreal solution to a real problem! The SideKick provides up to 2.5 mm flotation off X-Y center-point, facilitating tooling re-alignment, and reducing stress build-up in robot wrist and drive components.  It's accurate and tight!


Rapid change tool change-over system features accurate three-point alignment and can reduce tool change-over time by up to 90%



Whether it's springs, rollers, switch assemblies, v-rings, connectors, cables or screws, we carry a complete line of spare parts.  We can also refurbish & recondition your old WristWatch unit and make it robot-worthy once again.  Call us today!






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